About Violet Francesca

At Violet Francesca, we want to do our small part to help the world to heal.

The past few years have been tough for us all. Political, economic and social polarization had already propelled us into a constant state of anxiety. And then the pandemic hit — not only upending our lives and throwing us into a world of the unknown, but also pitting us against each other once again. We now find ourselves in uncertain times that inspire a constant sense of unease. 

If you’ve been finding yourself sad, anxious, angry or feeling helpless, you are not alone.

The truth is, we collectively underestimate how much these times cost us our wellbeing. Now more than ever we need all the help we can get finding the internal strength and serenity we need to get back to our state of happiness and contentment.

We here at Violet Francesca use the power of natural energies to help achieve this state, and we do it with the style of our beautiful designs and with crystals chosen specifically for you. 

We take our mission seriously, and that includes our mission of enveloping your piece of jewelry in a state of positivity.

  • Everyone connected with Violet Francesca is treated with the utmost respect. Your jewelry is created for you and you alone, with an atmosphere of love and intention.
  • Every component, from the tiniest bead to the packaging it’s sent in, has been chosen conscientiously, to prevent negative impact.
  • Included in your specially made box is a piece of Black Tourmaline, to absorb any negative energy your package might encounter during transport.

We know a piece of our jewelry won’t change the world, but we do everything to ensure that it will do as much as it can to support you in your world, helping you to achieve strength and serenity, and to do it with style.