Gold is such a powerful healing material that for millennia it has been known as “the master healer.” This metal is the symbol of spiritual purity and also the symbol of wealth.

Gold is considered sacred, and it is almost universally associated with the highest level of spiritual development. Gold increases the healing powers of any stone set within it.

Gold is associated with knowledge and insight, especially as it pertains to personal development and in one’s communication with higher spiritual beings and a higher spiritual power.   

Uniquely, gold’s bounty includes not only the recipient, but also brings illumination to the one who gives it as a gift to another.


Silver is associated with physical wellbeing. This metal is used as a physical purifier, helping to ward off disease and infection. Silver also acts to repel negative forces, and helps imbue the wearer with patience and perseverance.

Silver is valuable for enhancing the wearer’s psychic abilities, and acts as a conduit for both healing and psychic powers. Silver helps aid the healing crystals set within by acting as a conduit to channel their energies.

Instead of strengthening the powers of crystals, silver enhances the vibrational relationship between the crystals and the person wearing them. In addition, silver will attract and hold on to the healing properties of the crystals, strengthening their endurance.