Olivia Necklace - Gold


Thought and intention

Everything connected with the creation and shipment of your jewelry is done with thought and intention.

Your jewelry is handmade in a positive atmosphere, and included in your package is a piece of Black Tourmaline, to absorb any negative energy encountered during its journey to you.

Your jewelry is made with natural crystals, metals and vegan threads.

Recharging mat

Included with your purchase you will find a recharging mat made of a blend of organic cotton and hemp, along with instructions for recharging your crystals.

Activating, purifying and recharging

When you first receive your jewelry, activate your healing crystals by holding your jewelry in in your clean hand and focusing on positive thoughts and affirmations.


Once activated, your healing crystals must be periodically purified and recharged. You can do this in a number of ways, but we recommend using one or both of these methods.

1. Hold smoldering white sage in one hand. Hold piece of
jewelry in the other hand, with the jewelry inside the sage smoke. You can do this either outside or near an open window or door.

2. Lay your jewelry on the recharging mat enclosed (the
hemp/organic cotton cloth with printed mandala). Place in either direct or indirect moonlight overnight. Once you have recharged your crystals, repeat the
activation process.